Thursday, September 30, 2010

The party has officially begun again.


You know what I am totally psyched for? The rebirth of the World Reading Party! Jill over at Fizzy Thoughts partied too hard the night before (or was a party pooper…I opted for the nicer ‘party’ pun) and put the challenge up for grabs. And luckily, Suzi at packabook picked it up, tweaked it a little, and changed the schedule, giving me lots more time to plan my books and (maybe) actually read them! My participation the last go around included only one lonely title.

The NEW 2010–2011 World Reading Party:

November – Turkey
December – Greece
January – Iran
February – England
March – Ireland
April – Jamaica
May – Pakistan
June – Russia
July – Spain
August – Thailand
September – India

And I already have some ideas. Afghanistan: Three Cups of Tea. Already own it, but haven’t yet read it. Easy! Iran? Persepolis! Have needed to read that for a while now. England: gotta read some Georgette Heyer. And I’m really excited to discover Russia. I’m only bummed Palestine isn’t on the list, because I’ve been wanting to read Mornings in Jenin for a long time, and this would’ve given me motivation.

Idlewild, you will be seeing me soon.

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Suzi said…

Let's make Palestine the first country for the next 12 months of the Challenge – there's a few I've been wanting to read from there as well!