Friday, May 21, 2010

The Obligatory BEA Week Planning Post


I’m just gonna hop on the bandwagon and throw a quick note out there about next week’s exciting book adventures in the Big Apple. It’s BEA and Book Blogger Con…yayyyy!

As a resident New Yorker, I haven’t been anticipating next week as a major event since I don’t have to go anywhere or really plan anything…and I also still have to work all next week, limiting my time at BEA (one, I thankfully work for a company that has a booth and I will get to attend at some point during the day; two, never fear, I did take a personal day for BBCon). Also, my attendance at the BBCon reception is completely dependent on if I happen to already be at the Javits Center during BEA hours on Thursday. However, there are still lots of fun activities outside of my working hours and beyond official BEA events that I will be attending.
The two big ones:
  • HarperCollins’ Celebration of Book Bloggers at the Algonquin Hotel on Wednesday night (the 26th), 7—9 pm.
  • Goodreads’ New York City Literary Pub Crawl on Thursday night (the 27th), starting at 7pm. This one starts at Housing Works Bookstore in Soho with a cocktail hour and readings by Amy King, Colson Whitehead, and Emily St. John Mandel; then heads on to Botanica, Tom & Jerry’s, and KGB Bar. Can’t make any promises as to how far I’ll crawl, but I’m aiming for at least half.
For some excellent compilations of signings, conferences, events at BEA, check out the lists Jen has posted at Devourer of Books.
I’d love to meet as many fellow booknerds as I can, so feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll keep my eye out for you! And if you have a hankering to explore the rest of the city and have questions about anything NYC related, please ask!


softdrink said…

I'll see you at the Algonquin for sure. And Heather J. and I (and who knows who else) will be at Housing Works to start the pub crawl (not sure if I'm continuing, though).

Kari said…

Excellent! Excited to meet you! I get the feeling the party at the Algonquin is going to be just one big book blogger lovefest.

Meg said…

Hoorayyyyy, it's almost time! Can't wait for Friday, though I have about a billion things to plan before then. And one long train ride to make from D.C. But worth it!