Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Missing Piece


Anne of Green Gables has been one of my favorite stories for as long as I can remember, ever since I saw the CBC movies as a wee one and received a set of the first three novels from someone I can’t even remember.

A fortuitous visit to the library’s Book Barn a few years ago led me to most of the rest of the series—in the same imprint (very important!)—but I was still missing one: the elusive #5!

Since then, I have searched. I have scoured used bookstores as well as sites like Paperback Swap, Amazon, and Half.com where it’s next to impossible to ensure that the book I need is of the same imprint, size, and series as the rest of them. Thus, my collection has had a hole for the past 3 years (at least!).

And then a serendipitous trip to the new and pretty McKay’s in Nashville led me to the missing piece of the puzzle, and $1.75 later, the collection is complete!

This series will get a re-read very soon! Anyone interested?


Jenny Reed said…

Hmmm, I might have to join in. I've read Anne of Green Gables so many times and absolutely adore it but never got far reading the rest… maybe the 2nd and 3rd book years ago? I have the whole set and half the books have never been touched (except to look at the covers) LOL. And that's awesome that you made that discovery!! Love when things like that happen. =)

Tamara @ Shelf Addiction said…

That's great that you have a full set! I had the full set too, but long ago one of my sisters borrowed my set and LOST one of the books!!! I've actually been mad about it for just shy of two decades now. LOL. I really want to find that book. My edition is the same as yours. Maybe I can start the long search for my missing book…