Monday, November 23, 2009

The Impending Showdown of Kari vs. the eReader


My approach to books has always been one traditional in nature. I’ve never listened to an audiobook. I’ve never read an eBook. I relish in the crinkle of pages, the physicality of paper, the smell that lingers in the creases of old library books. I swore I would never go digital, because I love books too much, slightly worn, accumulating on my shelves.

Well eReader, your time has come.
Recently, Trish @ Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’? hosted a contest for a Sony Reader Pocket Edition. Part of Sony’s marketing campaign for the eReader centers around a project called words move me. As heavy readers, we probably get more out of books than the average individual, and this project is about connecting readers to the emotions felt while reading a certain book. On the words move me website, you can search a term and see what comes up, perhaps giving you the next book on your list should you want to feel ‘inspired’ or ‘optimistic’ or ‘humorous’. Bottom line of the story: I won Trish’s contest, and a Sony Reader is on its way to me.
Now is the challenge. Having never anticipated owning an eReader, nor having ever planned on doing so, I’m a bit curious and anxious to see how I actually react to this thing. I don’t plan on replacing my beloved printed page, but surely there is some purpose this can serve me. My boyfriend works at a literary agency, for example, and was given a Kindle to hold the hundreds of scripts he has to read. This makes sense to me; it saves paper.
I am excited to try this out this whole digital thing, but it will never catch on with me if I think of it only as a replacement to my physical bookshelf; it’s going to need to serve some other purpose, and that is where I could use your help.
In what situation will an eReader be beneficial, and what do you think the eReader can do for me?
Again, many thanks to Trish for hosting this great contest!


colin said…

KINDLE vs. E-READER. I think they match up better than most UFC clashes. I am interested in seeing the differences between the two. I can't sense there being many; Kindle, though useful, is very basic in design and utility. One can read words on a screen and that's about it. I suppose Kindle's advantage is a direct connection with Amazon downloads.

Kari said…

Ooooh but Sony supports more file formats. Do you think this is going to lead to debates while we read in bed with our respective eReaders? It's on!!

farmlanebooks said…

Congratulations on your win! Ereaders have never really appealed to me, so I look forward to hearing how you find the experience.

Mrs. Q: Book Addict said…

I own the Sony Prs 505 and I love it for travelling. Also, when a good book comes out and it's only in hardcover, I sometimes buy the ebook version because it is cheaper. I love buying books, and I will never stop but the Sony reader is appealing as well. I love being able to instantly buy a book and begin to read it.

Congratulations on your win!

Kari said…

Ooh you're right, it would be good for a long trip…instead of stuffing 4+ books into a bag I'm trying to carry-on.

I also thought it'd be good for those guilty pleasure (or just guilty) books you may be too embarrassed to have other people see you're reading. When I read Twilight, I refused to do so on public transportation.

Kari said…

Or really HUGE books I can't easily fit in my purse.

softdrink said…


I was going to say it would be wonderful for travelling, too. I always worry about airline weight limits because I have a hard time limiting the books I take with me!

J.T. Oldfield said…

If you entered Trish's contest, but did not sign up for my newsletter, I swear to God I will cyberly kick your ass. I am so serious.

It's not like you *have* to win a Kindle.

sarah Pekkanen said…

Congrats! Ooh, I'm soooo jealous..

Kari said…

Haha JT, you're threatening me on my blog? I can't make any promises…I may or may not have gotten overwhelmed once I kept about YouTube videos and personal links and Twitter and Facebook, and then forgotten to take action. You're on my Google Reader…does that count?? 😀

J.T. Oldfield said…

that is totally not good enough. Unique content! Guest posts! Short story spotlight! blogosphere round up!

just sign up. now. 😉

magwi said…

I'm totally with you in adoration of the physical-page-turning, bookshelf-space-occupying, actual book books. But I also have a Sony digital reader… and it has some great perks.
First of all, you can get pretty much anything in the public domain for free/$1. Those classics you've always meant to read are at your fingertips, and free. It's a great library builder, even if you really only rarely need The Bible, the Constitution and the complete works of Shakespeare in your pocketbook for reference.
Plus, the ease of travel can not be overstated. And for those of us that are truly compulsive, it means that you always have your next book with you when you turn that last page.
Honestly, I mostly use it to read classics and for travel, but you can also get some pretty good deals on those books that you want to read but feel a little bit silly giving up money and shelf space for. For example, I did the entire Women's Murder Club for something like $30…