Friday, July 27, 2012

Movie Trailer: Cloud Atlas


Despite having read David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas two years ago, it is still the book that garners the most reads and comments of all my posts. I think it has something to do with intrepid readers Googling the book during their own Cloud Atlas journeys; comments range from scathing judgment of my apparent “lack of intellect” during my initial and confusing encounter with the story (clearly these readers did not care to follow up and continue reading my own Cloud Atlas experience, and I think I ended up deleting that anonymous comment) to a sort of relief and found camaraderie of mutual questioning.

These comments really do get entertaining, as the commenters have begun a sort of unraveling discussion and debate with each other, despite comments appearing months apart. My heart always jumps a little when I get the email about a new comment on Cloud Atlas, because I want to shout to these comments (except for the insulting ones, obvs), THANK YOU. THIS IS THE POINT OF THE BLOG.

Anyway, because of all this, I feel it necessary to post this newly released trailer for the upcoming film adaptation of Cloud Atlas. I cannot even begin to imagine the difficulty in translating Mitchell’s words from paper to movie screen. It’s beyond me.

Watch. Think. Discuss.


Dreamybee said…

I read this several years ago and ended up feeling much like you did in your initial review. The trailer looks beautiful, and this is one case where I'm hoping the movie might help clear up the book. 🙂

Kari said…

I'm with you! I keep thinking, "How in the world did someone turn that book into a movie?" but I read a quote by Mitchell in regards to the movie and found it fascinating; he mentions how putting this story on film allows things that a book does not, such as using the same actors to represent these characters whose souls are constantly reborn. It made me think of the book/movie from a new angle, and now the movie sounds even more interesting to me!

Matt Bellas said…

I recently picked up the book based on how gorgeous and intricate the movie's trailer looked and now three-quarters of the way through the novel, this trailer makes me want to cry it looks so perfect. I get the impression that the movie itself will also be dissecting and discussing the novel's connections and themes, which, as if Tom Hanks's involvement wasn't enough, will just be icing on an already unbelievably rich cake. The anticipation for this is gonna drive me nuts.