Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Marc Fitten’s Indie 100


Marc Fitten is an author with a mission. He’s on tour for his new book, Valeria’s Last Stand, but has decided to “spice things up” (his own words) while on the road. Thus was born Marc Fitten’s Indie 100, a look at 100 independent bookstores throughout the country.

Along with the basic facts (address, description, pictures), Marc gives his blog readers some interesting tidbits about the featured bookstore. Like how one hosts school fieldtrips; one started a nonprofit to provide free books and bikes to at-risk youth; one is the oldest bookstore in the state of Virginia. He does a great job of getting to the heart of a particular bookstore and providing a brief image of all it has to offer.
And now I’m curious about the author. Nice marketing style, Marc.
Are there any indie bookstores you recommend in your area?


Salvatore said…

The Community Bookstore of Park Slope is pretty amazing. It's like being in a professor's muddled living room. Dogs and cats walk the 'aisles' like people. There are old couches to sit on and read whole books – which I've done. And there's a piano and cafĂ© out back.

Other ones to note: McNally Jackson (SoHo) and Bookcourt (Boerum Hill) – two places I've been to in recent times that rather impressed me with selection and beauty.

Marc Fitten said…

Thanks! I'll be finishing up in NYC and I'm trying to determine which store should be #100. Any suggestions would be great!