Monday, June 1, 2009

BookExpo America 2009!


I was lucky enough to attend BEA using one of my company’s passes, and it was pretty much just heaven for a booknerd like me. At least, it seems to be heaven if you don’t have to work the company booth. In that case, I hear it’s rather boring. Anyway, I attended some of the pre-conference panel sessions on Thursday and returned on Friday afternoon to check out the exhibition floor in full swing. And wow. Every kind of book, publication, and publisher you could imagine was present. The best part was, of course, the free books you could get through author signings, and most of these were ARCs (Advanced Review Copies) that don’t hit the shelves til late this year!

From my three-hour stint at BEA, I came home with a good collection of books to read. I spoke to several of the authors, all of whom seemed excited to meet people who were clearly avid readers. So look for early reviews of the following books in the coming months.
Into the Beautiful North by Luis Alberto Urrea
The Unnamed by Joshua Ferris
Eli the Good by Silas House
Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin
Stitches by David Small
Going Away Shoes by Jill McCorkle
Beg, Borrow, and Steal by Michael Greenberg

Also, the Times wrote an interesting article about BookExpo and what it showed about the future of publishing.


Salvatore said…

I’m definitely curious what you make of Joshua Ferris’s new novel. That made a bit of a ripple in the publishing world when acquired.

Kari said…

I read that movie rights had already been sold for it…and it doesn’t even hit the shelves until next January!