Saturday, February 13, 2010

Book Blogger Convention


Book Blogger Convention

Ok people, I did it. I registered for the first ever Book Blogger Convention. I figured, Hey, I already live in NYC. And what’s one of my 25 or so available paid days off? And (most importantly), I just got my tax return. So, in attendance I will be.

Now the real work/fun begins. Until May, I will be:

  1. Brainstorming embarrassing icebreakers to use in a room of book nerds.
  2. Hunting down photos of every blogger in attendance and making/studying flashcards so I will actually know faces before I get there.
  3. Plotting ways to get my boss to allow me to use work hours to attend BEA as a company representative the prior three days without actually manning the company booth.
  4. Bombarding attendee blogs with frequent obnoxious comments like, “OMG yes I totz agree, we should def discuss in May!” that express my excitement. But don’t worry: I will not say words like “totz” or “def” in person.
  5. Twittering so I feel up-to-date on all attendee convention chat. Nah, even this can’t get me to use that thing regularly. Sorry, Twitter. I just don’t like you much.

Woohoo, I am pumped! I’m excited to meet the people behind the blogs I read and participate in an all day total book geekout! HOLLA.


J.T. Oldfield said…

I registered, too! I have a friend in NYC that I'm going to stay with to cut down on the costs.

Michelle said…


This is great 🙂

I'm glad you registered I'm def totz looking forward to discussing this with you in May!

softdrink said…

Yahoo! Dude, that's, like, totally cool.

Booksnyc said…

I am signed up too – seemed crazy not to since it was all happening in NYC

homebetweenpages said…

Woot! So glad you're going to make it! Like tots magots.

Kari said…

Haha, yes! Tots magots! I may actually say that one in person…

homebetweenpages said…

Tots magots is automatically a ticket to cool-ville. Obvi.