Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BBAW: Unexpected Treasure


Today’s topic for Book Blogger Appreciation Week is to write about a book or genre you have tried thanks to the influence of another book blogger.

Well, hmm.
My reading tastes are scattered anyway, that it doesn’t take much to inspire me to read out of my comfort zone. This past year has probably been my most diverse, genre-wise, thanks partly to my “world-lit” book club and partly to a recent increased thirst for knowledge. Looking back on my ‘read’ list of 2010, there are a couple of things on there that were inspired by another blogger. After all, the number one thing book blogs give me are new recommendations!
Early in 2010, I was looking to try some graphic novels but didn’t really know where to start. I don’t like the fantasy/action stories that I’d always thought most graphic novels were, but then I read a review for Craig Thompson’s Blankets over on write meg! While I didn’t exactly agree with Meg’s opinions of the book, it did jumpstart my graphic novel kick. Since Blankets, I’ve read French Milk, Carnet de Voyage—both of which I enjoyed more than Blankets—and Fun Home, which is one of my favorite reads of the year.
Another series I started thanks to bloggers is Betsy-Tacy! Quite frankly, I was surprised I’d never heard of these in my childhood, but better late than never, right? I breezed through the first four back in July before getting bogged down with reading assignments. But have no fear, numbers five and six are patiently waiting on my shelf and next in my queue after I finish my current book club book. I also discovered that the Betsy-Tacy community is quite welcoming!
And most recently, I devoured Vestal McIntyre’s Lake Overturn, thanks to a raving recommendation from Erica at Harper Perennial. I love reading books about places I know little about or don’t experience in my day to day life, and when she described this one as taking place in small-town Idaho, I was immediately intrigued. That’s all it took, because Idaho…well, I have zero connection to that state and have no idea what it’s like. I loved it, and look for my comments on it next week.
Who else has had some fabulous finds thanks to blogger recommendations?


softdrink said…

What about Persepolis? That's my favorite of the (few) graphic novels I've read.

Amy McKie said…

Graphic Novels were new to me as well!

Chrisbookarama said…

French Milk was my first graphic novel. And Betsy-Tacy was new to me this year. I've read a few to my daughter now.

Paul McQuiston said…

I was introduced to the entire oeuvre of Paul Bowles, but especially The Sheltering Sky, through a great blog I found on Tumblr. Great post-war existentialist literature from an American ex-pat.

Kari said…

That's on my list to-read. I hear good things!

Kari said…

Post-war existentialism….that sounds intimidating! I've never heard of Paul Bowles. Good thing there are all these booknerds online to introduce me to new books!

Paul McQuiston said…

NO! Sheltering Sky is actually a succinct, quick read about three Americans who get lost in (nearly) post-colonial Africa. Excellent characters and plot. I recall it only took me two or three days to finish it off. The whole existential label is because of it coming in the time period it did and because it examined post-war life.