Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Little, Monumental Bit of Real Life


This little blog has seen its days of drought on occasion—those days/weeks/months when posting frequency drops nearly to non-existent. Usually my excuse is just “ehh, busy,” and though I’ve been keeping it up pretty well the past two semesters (miraculously!), you may have noticed a drop-off over the past couple of months.

I rarely go into real life here (I save that for Tumblr), but I just have to share the reason for the recent absence. In a nutshell—a wedding! June 1st was the big day in Nashville for Colin and myself, and it couldn’t have been any better. A wonderful week and weekend with friends and family in the city I will always call home and one that most of our guest list had never even visited. I hope the city showed them a good time, and I know the wedding showed them a good dance party.
Photo credit: Q Avenue Photo
So now the wedding is over, the graduate thesis is complete, and it’s smooth sailing for the rest of the summer until my last semester begins in the fall. 
Happy summer reading!

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Dreamybee said…

Well, that seems like as good an excuse for a blog drought as any. 🙂 Congratulations!!